The Weekender: Palm Springs

So every year memorial day weekend rolls around (duh) which means a three day weekend is upon us. This year my homegirls and I headed to the desert. Palm springs to be exact, for some much needed relaxation and fun in the sun. The temps were in the 90s, which was perfect for poolside laziness! We decided to get an early jump out of LA to beat some of the holiday traffic and started our 1.5 hour trek to the desert. Chance the Rapper was blasting through the speakers, per my request (because I'm slightly obsessed!) to get the turnup started.

We endure minimal traffic and reach our hotel safely ready to get our mini weekend vacation started. Known as the colorful hotel, The Saguaro, was our digs for the next few days. A pool, jacuzzi, beach cruisers, morning yoga, gym, and two restaurants on site (one Mexican with some delicious chicken tacos) were all at our disposal. We checked into our room, got the drinks flowing, changed into our swimwear, and headed out to the pool. Where the real turnup was happening (minus the wack DJ).  I snapped a few flicks first because that's just what I do!

We luckily found a spot to chill and get kissed by the sun (because it was hella crowded), at a semi empty cabana bed, but when the folks came to stake their claim, they gracious offered us a seat while they took their talents to the pool.  After baking for a bit, I took a quick dip in the pool myself, avoiding the black person stereotype (lol). The majority of the rest of our time was spent poolside, eating and dranking, dipping in and out the pool, chilling on the flamingo float, and enjoying the sun. And I was perfectly okay with it!   We did manage to take advantage of the beach cruisers on the way to breakfast for a nice chill ride out before the heat of the day made an appearance.  People flock to Palm Springs for some relaxation, to get away from the hustle and grind of Los Angeles (and other cities).  And it was evident. Everyone just simply has a good time, good drinks, and we were all in good company.  Til next time!