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Memory Lane: A Quick Photographic Trip

Memory Lane: A Quick Photographic Trip

I'm sure I'm not the only one that houses (read: hoards) hundreds of travel photos in their phones.  I have a ton, and while I used Flickr and Google Photos to store them, I have a hard time with pressing that delete button.  I like to scroll through and remind myself of travel moments and inspire myself to get back to those moments and create new ones.  When I'm traveling I don't discriminate on the device I'm using to capture said moments.  Whether it's my iPhone or Canon, the challenge is more about capturing what I'm seeing versus what I'm using to capture it. Just remember you can have a $1000 camera and not have the vision or the skill set on how to actually use the camera.  But don't worry too much about your photography skills, it takes practice, learning, and development to get your skills to where you are happy.  As with anything you want to be good at, you have to put the time and effort in.  Then you will eventually come to a point of elevating your skill set, and discovering and honing on your aesthetic.  

While scrolling through the photos on my phone, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and showcase some of my absolute favorite photos that I've captured (and edited) while traveling. These are the photos that make me the most proud because I took what I envisioned and captured it with the click of a button.  Remember photography is a never ending learning process, especially the editing process, so take your time, practice consistently, continuously shoot, and most importantly, never stop visualizing. 

Portland, OR


Milan, Italy  


Abu Dhabi, UAE


Tamarindo, Costa Rica


Barcelona, Spain


Paris, France


Rome, Italy  


Madrid, Spain


Venice, Italy  


Barcelona, Spain  


Rome, Italy


Venice, Italy


Vancouver, Canada


Santa Barbara, CA


Maui, HI


Vancouver, Canada  


Seattle, WA


New Mexico


Which were your favorite?  Any make you want to travel to that destination ASAP?

Happy travels!

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