How Dare You Say Travel Is Too Expensive?!

{said with love}

Okay, I get it. The term ‘expensive’ is relative. And I’ve been told never to spend someone else’s money. However, I’ve also been asked “How do you travel as often as you do?" (money wise), followed up with “I can’t afford it”. But when you take a hard look into your finances, particularly noting the frivolous spending, you actually can! I have posted a few times on Snapchat the insanely cheap flight costs from European city to European city.

For an impromptu example, I just did a Google Flights search for March 9 that yielded these results....ready to be blown away?!?

Paris to Rome starting at $17, Amsterdam to Barcelona starting at $40, and Milan to Berlin starting at $17.

Dirt. Cheap.

The same kind of cheap that will cost you the price of two cocktails at a bar or club, those weekly Starbucks lattes, and that champagne brunch you attend on #sundayfunday.  The Europeans got it right!  I did a Google Flights search for the same day from Los Angeles to San Diego - a less than hour flight - starting at $229 for non-stop.  Come on bruh!  Oh and did I mention that's one way! Bruhhhhhh.

"But Aja, how do I GET to Europe for the low to city hop and take advantage of these cheap flights?"

There are two major keys to achieve this:

Set up travel alerts

Trust me I get cheap flight deals sent to my inbox on the daily, so I know it's possible.  I will dive deep into my favorite sites for alerts later, but my top current favorites are Airfarewatchdog and The Flight Deal.

Be flexible

If you have a small budget and really want to travel more often, I would suggest starting with an open mind - then a travel savings account. Consider the city, lodging, and time of year you travel.  European cities in the middle of the summer tend to be on the pricier side because of the peak season. So consider visiting during the non-peak months. Prices will be more to your advantage if you do so.

All and all just remember to do your research, be flexible, have an open mind, and your desires to travel the world will easily be at your disposal without it feeling like you broke the bank.

Happy travels!