Being a Blogger: Where Have I Been

Short answer:  No damn where lol

Long winded answer:

I have been seriously lacking consistency and self-discipline.  I can't pinpoint the exact moment it happened, or the exact moment I became okay with it, but it pretty much was a downward spiral that I wasn't able to come up for air from.  I would take two steps (i.e. all these incomplete draft posts just sitting), then fall back what felt like a hundred.

I've never really been the type to desire for accountability partners, but as I type this I'm thinking maybe that's exactly what I need.  I used to feel very comfortable with reaching out and connecting with other bloggers once I begin my blogging journey.  But as I look at my website and see I haven't published a post since May 1, I currently don't feel too comfortable connecting with and reaching out to other bloggers because I'm not offering up my own content. How could I possibly connect with those who are consistently producing new content?  What value could I possibly be offering up? Note to self: take yourself serious first.

So step one...produce new content.

Not too long ago, I posted on my Instagram about being transparent on my lack of being consistent on what I want my blogging life to be.  Only I can create what I want for this life.   Many of us compare our own to others, which we all know is a set up for failure.  As with anything you want to be successful at, it will require consistency.  Someone once said, you might not be more talented than the person next to you doing the same thing, but if you are consistent and they are not, you will go much further every time.

Every time I get the urge or the instant desire to start a new blog post, I feel the need to ask myself the tough question of “is blogging something I want to continue?”  The short answer was “Yes”.  The long answer was the "Yes, but…" then proceeded to talk myself out of it. Is being consistent that hard to do?  I believe so, but hard doesn’t equate to impossible.  Just requires more effort than normal. 

More effort than normal.  New blogging mantra. 

When people tell me “I read on your blog…”, especially when I haven’t been consistent, I’m quickly reminded why I wanted to blog to begin with and why I should continue to blog.  To share valuable information to those who are looking for it.  I love encouraging people to travel and to travel solo.  It’s what I’m most passionate about.  Sharing my experiences and inspiring people to build their own travel journey.  

If I’m being completely transparent, the hardest part of being a travel blogger for me is being excited about sharing content, when I’m not traveling.   When I don’t have a trip lined up, when my inbox is not filled with itineraries and hotel/flight confirmations, it's challenging.   Being stagnant from travel when you have wanderlust in your soul is very difficult.  But life happens, i.e. weddings, baby showers, bills, and whatever else that pulls you in a different direction.  This is my second consecutive year blogging, and I don't have as much flexibility with travel plans as I did my first year because as mentioned!  

However, there’s a wealth of knowledge to be shared that doesn’t require me to even leave the house.  But simply, putting the pen to paper.

So this is the challenge I'm putting on myself to be successful in my blogging life.  To put forth more effort than normal. 

Any tips on consistency?  Help a sista out!