7 Beauty Must-Haves For Light Traveling + Bonus

When packing for a quick getaway or road-trip, you don’t really need to bring your entire make-up kit and every beauty product under your bathroom sink.  Just a few multi-functional products that will get indeed get the job done and give off ‘I woke up like this’ vibes.  Here are my 7 beauty must-haves that help me maintain my flawlessness during my travels.

Foundation/CC/BB Cream:

Your favorite foundation or cream to help even out your skin tone is a must for the impromptu photoshoot in front of the Eiffel Tower, Lady Liberty, or the Taj Mahal.  You want to make sure your skin has a flawless base and those pores are well covered.  My current favorites:

• Black Opal Pore Perfection Liquid Foundation

• Maybelline BB 8 in 1 Beauty Balm (bonus: SPF 30)


A pair of faux lashes are a good go-to when you need to spruce up your look, but when you have to pack light for your trip, a bomb voluminous and lengthening mascara is the best way to go.  If you plan to do any swimming or other water activities, don't forget to go for the waterproof mascara! My go-to:

• Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express

Make-up wipes:

After a long day of exploring, the last thing you want to do is stand over a sink doing your nighttime cleansing routine.  Bad, I know.  But it happens to the best of us.  And we all know that sleeping in your make-up will have your skin looking all kinds of crazy. Instead grab a cleansing wipe and get rid of the dirt and grime of the day. Apply your favorite night moisturizer and give your skin some extra TLC in the morning.  My current favorite:  

• Simple 2 in 1 Exfoliating & Cleansing Wipes

Coconut Oil:

The holy grail of all things beauty (for me, at least).  Coconut oil is great for your hair, skin, nails, and perfect for taking off your make up (to use with your wipes or if you forget them).  Replace your chemically filled lotions and creams, with ingredients you can’t pronounce and go for the more natural route.  We use enough products filled with chemicals on a daily basis, so let's start here. Your body (inside and outside) will thank you for it.  My go-to:

• Trader Joe's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


Sometimes the air and water quality where you are traveling can do a number on your skin.   Prepare your skin before and during your trip with a clearing mask that will tame and prevent any flair ups or breakouts from disturbing your travels. My current favorite:  

• Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment - It is pricey, but a little goes a long way.  I dab a tiny amount on any spots and the next morning any flair ups or breakouts are drastically reduced.

Eyebrow Pencil:

No matter the day, the eyebrows must stay fleeky (can I still say that?), and during your travels are no exception.  If nothing else, a perfectly shaped brow will stand out in those selfies.  My go-to:  

• MAC Spiked; A Solid Backup:  NYX Microbrow Pencil


My most favorite beauty item of the bunch!  To save space in your beauty bag, pack one or two bold colors and one nude color.  This way you have the best of best worlds.  One for a night out and one for daytime exploring.  But if you’re anything like me, you rock the bold lip all day long!  My current favorites:

• MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo (cult classic red), ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in More Better (semi bright fuchsia), and Zipper (semi bright purple)

BONUS:  Perfume

I am currently subscribed to Scentbird, which is a monthly subscription for perfume.  You pick out and receive a new scent each month, setting up a queue so they know which scents to send you.  A perfect size for travel (a little smaller than a rollerball), the perfume comes with a carrying container to switch out your perfumes each month, along with a cute velvet carrying bag.  My current favorite:

• YSL Cinema.  This scent is my ultimate favorite right now.  I’m not a fan of purchasing large bottles of perfume simply because I want to bring them with me on my travels.  But I would make an exception for this one.  LOVE!

What are your go-to items that you must carry on the road or when you need to pack light?

Happy travels!