5 Tips For Airplane Etiquette

I decided to share some tips on how to be a good airplane passenger to your fellow passengers.  I was sitting on a plane and found myself being annoyed because I didn't believe the two people next to me were being good neighbors.  And I was in the dreaded middle seat. So that sparked this blog post.  Of course that wasn't the first time I've sat next to horrible passengers and I'm sure other travelers have worse stories than I. One time I sat next to two older ladies who talked the ENTIRE time. I was trying to get some rest but their yapping wouldn't let me be great. Then one of the ladies decided to try to fall asleep as we were starting our descent. *blank stare* She wanted to finally be quiet so she could get some rest during the last 15 minutes of the flight. Don't be this person. Instead take heed to these 5 tips for airplane etiquette.

Make sure your hygiene is on point

For me this is the most important tip of them all.   This really shouldn't need to be said because good hygiene should be a given. But I'm sure someone is guilty - a hot shower is a game changer. Save yourself and those surrounding you. If you just rolled out the bed and rolled to the airport, you probably smell like you did. Clean yourself and wear clean clothes. (I know. I can't believe I have to say this either.) Also take care of your breath situation in the bathroom prior to boarding. Carry around listerine sheets and pop one in before you engage in conversation. Also, if you have been asleep the majority of the flight, more than likely your breath is not too fresh. Limit your conversation and yawning. We can all smell it. *insert mask over face emoji*

Don't invade anyone's personal space

Consider how small and tight the space on an airplane is. The face to face contact with someone is extremely close, even when you aren't trying to be. You are immediately invading your neighbors personal space because of the area limitations. That's just how it is but this is also why good hygiene is important. Also, think about the space around your feet and body. There is no extra room on the plane for spillage of you and/or your personal items into your neighbors space. Give the person in the middle seat both armrests. We all know how uncomfortable the middle seat is in comparison to the window or aisle. It's the least you can do!

Leave the stinky foods in the airport 

Pay attention to the kind of foods you bring onto the plane. Eat your onion filled burger prior to boarding. Super smelly foods aren't ideal in the small and tight space on the airplane. The strong smells can quickly fill up the plane and be a nuisance to those around you.  Think of the odors that food carry.  Then think of odors that bodies carry.  It's essentially the same thing.   Odors in a small tight space with limited air quality. Either eat before you board or keep your foods simple and not too smelly. The other passengers on the plane will thank you for it.

Timely store your luggage away

Please decide that you need something out of your carry on luggage prior to boarding. Don't wait until you find your seat to find out that you need to grab that magazine or blanket out of the bag you need to store in the overhead bin. As you know, that just holds everyone else up. Mentioned above but worth mentioning again: make sure any luggage that goes under the seat isn't spilling over into the neighbor next to you. We all only have a limited amount of space. Speaking of space, if you have only traveled with a small backpack or purse, please, and I beg of you, do not place it in the overhead bin.   This area should really be reserved for roller bags and large suitcases.  You know nobody has time to be paying for baggage fees so more than likely overhead space will be full (and should be full with only large baggage).  And lastly, fellas please be gentlemen and assist women with putting their luggage in the overhead area. Yes, I know we overpack and our bags weigh a ton and a half, but help a sista out. We appreciate you.

Line up to board when your group is called 

If you know you are in group 4, please do not get up and stand near the line when they have only called first class passengers or those needing special assistance. It's always a trickle down effect and then everyone does it. Now everyone is crowding the boarding area and it becomes a big mess and causes confusion. Then we have to dodge through everyone and their luggage just to get up to the line. Instead, simply wait until it looks like the end of the group before you has dwindled down, then line up to board. Also, if you are in group 2 but you missed the call for your group and we are now boarding in group 3, no you cannot cut to the front. You have missed your chance so now you should get to the end of the line. Your lateness is just causing confusion for everyone else.

So there you have it! 5 ways to be a better passenger on the airplane. Hopefully you already follow these tips, but share and pass them along to someone who needs them. 

Happy travels!