5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo

Now is the time to travel the world solo. I'm a healthy advocate to taking the leap.  I get it, you may be scared, or worried about safety or being bored, or [insert reason here].  But put all those feelings aside and check out these 5 reasons why you absolutely should travel solo.  And soon!

Connection to Social Media

Nowadays unless you put your phone and computer away during your travels, are you truly traveling alone? Is it being scared that turns you away from traveling solo? Just remember, pretty much any where you go you can stay connected with people from home. But better yet, you can use that connection to social media (and the internet) to meet new people during your travels. Just be smart, safe, and use your intuition (the same way you would on your home turf). Contrary to what you may believe, the solo travel community is huge! You may connect with someone who is also traveling solo and looking for a friend on the road. A huge part of solo travel is being open minded, so don't deter yourself before you even get started.

Empower Yourself

Set goals and smash them. Nothing like writing down your goals and dreams and watch them come into fruition. For me, it just reminds me that if I put the proper amount of time and effort into something, I can make it happen. Want to save for a solo adventure to Europe? Then do the proper research of how to save for it, plan it out, and make it happen.  Make a pact with yourself to go even if other people are flaking on being down to go (usually how it happens).  Remember, this is YOUR dream. Don't wait for others to get it together anyways. Put your mind to it.  Prove to yourself you can do it, and once you do, it's only a matter of time before you're planning your next solo adventure.


Self-care is a huge buzzword right now.  While it should be something you handle for yourself regardless of whether the top bloggers and social media gurus are discussing it, self-care is important on a daily basis. If traveling the world is something you want to do then figure out how to go after that then execute. That's my definition of self care: doing more of what makes me happy. If I'm not happy, then everything else is not at its best.  Spending my valuable time traveling solo is my way of 'caring for self'.  I get to dig into my own thoughts, have some reflective moments, and simply enjoy some me time.

Inspire Others

As an avid solo traveler, I know that there are people who 'wish they could travel alone'. But here's the thing... you absolutely can! As cliche as cliche gets, you can do anything you put your mind to!  It's all mind over matter.  Look, we all had to start somewhere. There was a time where I was nervous and scared about traveling solo, but I decided I wanted it more than I was afraid of it.  I saw other women doing what I wanted to do, and most importantly (since it was my fear), doing it safely.  I was inspired and reassured.  So take the jump.  Be an inspiration to those watching, just as others are an inspiration to you. 

Because You Can!

Are you single? No kids?  What's holding you back? Now is the perfect time to get out there and explore without that extra responsibility.  Of course I'm not at all saying if you have a spouse and kids then traveling solo is impossible. I know there are plenty out there thriving in that department, however, I just imagine it being a smoother route without having to call and check in on hubby or wifey and your little ones. I just calculate it as a special type of travel freedom you can enjoy. If you're older and your kids are grown and out of the house, this also applies to you. You've done your duty of raising your children, now get out and enjoy yourself by yourself.  It's your time to enjoy your own company and the world.

Now that you have 5 reasons to take the leap and travel solo, what destinations are on your solo travel wishlist?

Happy travels!