3 Activities You Must Do In Costa Rica

A short while ago I was in Tamarindo, Costa Rica for a bachelorette party, and while it was a pretty quick getaway, we managed to enjoy ourselves every minute.   Of course we enjoyed hanging out a bit at the beach and chilling in a cabana poolside, but we had to take the fun meter up a few notches.  Headed to Costa Rica soon?  I would highly suggest these activities to guarantee an amazing time in this beautiful country!

Sunset Sail

This 6 hour sailing adventure with Antares was a great start to the day and, to restart the trip, after an interesting and challenging travel day for people in the party. Prior to arrival in Costa Rica, I did the typical 'things to do' research to make this an enjoyable trip for the bride-to-be. Since we have taken boat cruises on vacation in the past (catamaran in Hawaii and yacht in Dubai), I knew this would be something the bride would indeed enjoy. And she did!  We set sail in the early afternoon and feasted on tapas and unlimited cocktails throughout the journey. About halfway through, the boat anchored and allowed us to frolic in the water, snorkel, and stand up paddle board.  We hung out in the water for a bit, then headed back to shore. Oh and I can't forget the live music on the way there and more turn up music on the way back.  This was a 6 hour adventure that had a little bit of everything. Food, drinks, music, swimming, mingling, and relaxing.  And an amazing sunset to cap it all off.  Everyone on board was there for a good time. I would absolutely do this again. And you should too! 

Zip lining

This is pretty much a staple activity to do when visiting Costa Rica.  If you are only up for one thing on the adventure scale, make zip lining that thing!  It was my first time doing it and while I was a bit nervous initially, I'm already excited to do again!  We put zip lining on the list of things to do and stumbled upon an awesome company in the Tamarindo area to do just that. Great for us because it meant it was close.  Since we didn't have a lot of time for this trip, the closer the activities to Tamarindo, the better.   We went to Black Stallion the night before for a delicious barbecue dinner, and upon talking to the owner, we discovered he offered zip lining, as well as horseback riding, and other activities.  $45 for 10 lines.  Sounded good to me!  2 days later, we were picked up at our hotel and headed to the property.  We got harnessed in, and drove up the mountain for a quick tutorial.  My hands were clammy and my heart was racing a little bit, but I had to woman up!  By zip number 3, one of our instructors was already calling me a pro.  It definitely got easier and less nerve wrecking from line to line.  And by line 6 I was all for zipping upside down (in my case semi-upside down).  Some of the most pure fun I've had on a vacation in a while.   Note to self:  take more adventure trips!

Watch the sunset

If you google 'sunset in Costa Rica' you will no doubt be in awe of the gorgeous orange and purple skies. Trust me when I say they will have you even in more awe in person. On the way back to our hotel after zip lining, the gracious owner of Black Stallion took us to Pangas, the perfect spot right on the beach to grab a glass of wine, chill, and enjoy each others company, as well as the amazingly beautiful sunset. We arrived just as the sun was making its descent into the ocean. Perfect timing.  This was easily one of my most favorite moments. I enjoy being on vacation and taking a minute to simply be still and intentionally live in the moment. Relaxing with a glass of wine, glazing into the sunset allowed me to do just that. 

Have you been to Costa Rica? I hope to stay longer next time. What other fun activities should indulge in?

~happy travels