Hi travelers!  It's Aja here, and I created Live Life Wander to initiate, inspire, and influence you to pursue your carefree travel dreams.   I understand this may differ from person to person, but I want you to pursue these dreams, even if it means you must go solo.  Yes, solo!  As a self-proclaimed Queen of Exploration, I took my first solo trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2011.  

Was I scared and nervous?  Probably!  But I wanted to travel and explore the world more than I was scared of it.  

And guess what?  My fear of ending up in a ditch never to be heard from again, was just something I created in my mind to hold me back.  Glad that didn't work!  Instead, it sparked something in me that I didn't know at the time was possible.  A love for solo travel.  While some may think it isn't for the faint of heart, if you have this desire in you, go for it!  You will wonder why you didn't start sooner.   Don't think you are cut out for solo travel? That's okay too!  Every trip I take isn't a solo one.   I still have the domestic and international experiences to help you begin your journey to pursuing all of your travel dreams.  Live Life Wander will provide you with the tools, tricks, and tips to make your travel journey a successful one.  

Happy travels!